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When it comes to providing quality office cleaning service in Newark, NJ, Ebon Environmental Services always make sure that we meet or even exceed expectations. Office cleaning is a serious matter, especially since your business is on the line. If you were a customer, would you do business with a businessman who has a dirty office? No, right? This is where we come in. While you are busy dealing with your client and customers, we are busy cleaning your office and ensure that first impressions are good and your workers are safe from the hazards that a dirty office brings. We offer the following services:

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Carpet Cleaning

Most offices have carpet flooring. This is because carpets do a good job of isolating noise coming from footsteps. While carpets are great additions to any office, they are also the main source of dust, dirt, and other harmful contaminants since shoes coming from different places in the city are always stepping on your carpets. If your carpets are left unclean, it will just be a matter of time before they show visible signs of damage such as stains, tears, and holes. Our professional office cleaning service includes carpet cleaning. We will clean your carpets and ensure that all layers are free of any dirt, dust, and other debris.

General Cleaning

General office cleaning is one of our specialties. As a matter of fact, it is the cornerstone of our business. We always deliver when it comes to results, and we always make sure that your business is represented by a clean and tidy space that’s inviting to both customers and clients. Our office cleaning service will clean all areas of your office from your bathrooms to your hallways.

Ebon Environmental Services is here to ensure that your office is clean and looks professional. Call us now at (973) 241-2018, or you can also talk to us personally in our office located at Newark, NJ.