Not Sure What Is the Right Method to Clean Your Carpets?

Want to Know What the Different Kinds of Floor Cleaning Services Are?

Suitable carpet cleaning methods depend on how much foot traffic the carpet receives, if children or pets live in the home, and if anyone residing in the house suffers from allergies. It is also important for the lifespan of a carpet, to only use a cleaning technique which it is compatible with.

This is why it is advisable to hire a professional janitorial service. These services usually employ a few different floor cleaning methods including foam, dry, bonnet, and steam cleaning. All carpets which need to be deep cleaned, have to be thoroughly vacuumed beforehand.

Floor cleaning which uses shampooing is probably the least effective way. Detergents will be applied on the carpet, and then agitated with a machine. After which the shampoo is extracted by vacuuming. These shampoos have brighteners and deodorizers inside, which will leave your carpet smelling fresh and clean, however, the majority of the dirt remains trapped in the carpet pile are still and will resurface shortly after.

The dry cleaning method is the most popular technique, due to the fact there is no waiting time for the carpet to dry. This is done by covering a carpet with a special powder, which is made to attract dirt. Once this has been worked deep into a carpet, it will then be thoroughly vacuumed.

The foam method is a combination of the latter and shampooing. This uses very little water, and a foam detergent that attracts any dirt. Once the foam has been worked into a carpet, it will then be vacuumed, this will extract the majority of the dirt, water, and detergent.

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